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Lapalisse, symbolic city of the N7

In the heart of France, welcome to the Art de vivre "National 7 50-60 years" in LAPALISSE, City of Truths, Village-step offering the National 7 historic a majestic entrance with its castle.

 Axis the most steeped in history, the N7 is an important element of heritage in the Land of Lapalisse, safeguarded and enhanced by the Community of Communes, with the collaboration of the historian Thierry Dubois.


An amazing adventure

At the time of the commissioning of the deviation of Lapalisse, the local and passionate desire to symbolically mark the end of the historic crossing of the N7 and the meeting with the historian Thierry Dubois trigger the creation on October 28, 2006, the famous " last traffic jam 50-60 years "honoring the blue road ...

Success is immediate!


Unique unusual reenactment on the road to happiness

Since that date, every 2 years, on the legendary Nationale 7 in the pleasure and the good humor, the Pays de Lapalisse brings back these congestion of years 50-60 at the time of the great departures towards the Côte d'Azur.

Coming from the four corners of France and even Europe, today there are a thousand vehicles of all types, participants and visitors wear vintage clothes (dress and retro skirt, hat, jacket ...) , they gather at Lapalisse to revive the "old National" with its traffic of yesteryear. The holiday scenes are improvised along the way to the delight of the crowd gathered along the Blue Route!

We are all around a giant picnic in a very festive atmosphere.

Everyone is about to relive this eventful journey, this incessant parade of cars, caravans, scooters, scenes of gendarmes, firefighters, hitchhikers, and big flashback with shows, yéyé concerts, retro markets ...:

the only traffic jam that we will not try to avoid in October 2018!


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