An axis built over 2000 years

To say that the Paris - Lyon axis is one of the most important in France is a truth that M. de la Palice would not have contested. This road that connects in 995 km, Paris to Menton, evokes 2000 years of history, a story far from over ...

The Gauls then the Romans used sections of this way.

Grand Chemin du Royaume, Route Impériale and in 1824, Route Nationale 7, this route experienced a significant traffic and contributed to the prosperity of our boroughs crossed.

With paid holidays, the N7 becomes the Route Bleue and the axis will be associated with holiday memories: the sun of the south attracts northerners and we then witness an explosion of restaurants, inns, petrol stations. .. The term "Bouchon" then applies to several cities. Fortunately, there is the TSF and Charles Trenet who sings "Nationale 7"!

In Lapalisse, restaurants and hotels welcome the many tourists passing through. The dense traffic to which are sometimes added festive meetings (Route du Soleil, Bourbonnais Tower, Paris-Nice), make live a real show.

Despite the nuisance caused in recent years by its heavy traffic heavy vehicles, the N7 has marked the life and development of the Pays de Lapalisse and is now a real element of its heritage reported since 2011 by National 7 Historical signs.

Through the editions of the Bottling, the "N7 History" thanks to this tremendous craze, finds its colors of yesteryear in the Land of truths.


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