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In the Pays de Lapalisse, from Périgny to St-Pierre-Laval

In the north-south direction, the crossing of PÉRIGNY puts an end to the plain stages of the Nationale 7 road: it is a large sandy plain connecting the Besbre to the Allier which saw the birth of Périgny, of Gallo-Roman origin. This small village, developed on the Grand Chemin linking Paris to Lyon, is known for its aerodrome along the N7.

The road arrives at LAPALISSE, like a majestic way, turning in front of the castle of the counts of Chabannes, owners since 1430, descendants of the author (in spite of him) of the famous "Lapalissades", before beginning the ascent of the Mountains of the Madeleine, foothills of the Massif Central.

The city is qualified since the Middle Ages of "Nostable passage in Bourbonnais".

Several sites "N7 History" are to discover in Lapalisse:

- the blue path Place Leclerc symbolizing route and major cities crossed, as well as a painted fresco,

- Route Bleue enamel plaque, at the corner of President Roosevelt Street and Winston Churchill Street

- the old route of the Royal Road, Liberty Street

- the restored mural Vichy Célestins, restored in June 2016 by artist Jean-Do

- Bottling photo panels, featuring the drawings of posters 2014 and 2016 made by Thierry Dubois.

Compliment the historic pedestrian route of the city with these happy memories.

Following the old route ...

To reach DROITURIER, the Pont de la Vallée (rehabilitated in 2017 by the Department) allowed the Royal Route from Paris to Lyon to cross the modest river Andan.

On the edge of the Bois de la Vallée, this village stands its beautiful houses and its Romanesque church of the twelfth century (Cluniac site). In 1852, this road was abandoned and will be decommissioned by the construction of a new road through St-Prix, Les Espalus, Les Chevreaux, with less accentuated relief, but more sinuous.

At the confluence of the valleys of Besbre and Andan, Saint-Prix, known since the 12th century for the chapel of Notre-Dame de Beaulieu (where many miracles would have occurred), is served by both the N7 (deviated in 2006) and by the railway line leading to Lyon. Saint-Prix is ​​home to the important collection of the Association of Vintage Industrial and Agricultural Vehicles.

After Saint-Prix, it is a more and more winding course that allows us to admire the Montagne Bourbonnaise.

On the borders of the Bourbonnais mountain and the Bourbonnais hedgerow, the N7 crosses ST-PIERRE-LAVAL, (whose culminating point of the commune rises to 679 m), before joining the department of the Loire: this town marks the border between Pays d'Oc and Pays d'Oïl.

Other N7 sites: the Blue Route campsite, the "Pavé de la Route bleue" specialty, the Aire des Vérité N7 or the "L'Etape bleue" restaurant in St-Prix, not to mention the many objects of memorabilia to space shop of the Tourist Office.


Take a step in the Land of Lapalisse

The territory offers all the assets for a pleasant halt, it is endowed with a natural environment of quality between valley of the Besbre and mountain foothills, favorable to the hike.

The passage of the old Roman road, then Grand Chemin, left many traces in the landscape (bridges, towers, farms and castles).

Around these sites and its beautiful Romanesque churches, the "Pays de Lapalisse" has a rich historical and cultural heritage. The artisanal know-how is very diversified. Leisure and gastronomy will also meet your expectations. The "City of Truths" offers a wide range of small shops and services to satisfy you.

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